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Programs on offer


we will pick up and bring back your car

  • Cleaning program as per customer´s choice
  • Towing (0,8 EUR /km) or Pick up (0,7 EUR / km)


the BEST for your car

  • Interior PREMIUM / Exterior PREMIUM

75 EUR


most cost effective way how to achieve top looks of the car paint without having to visit the paint shop; permanent removal of minor scratches, perfect color restoration

  • Interior PREMIUM / Exterior PREMIUM
  • complete paint renovation by 3M technology

120 EUR

Interior PREMIUM

  • wet deep cleaning of floor mats
  • wet cleaning of seats, upholstery, head liner
  • leather impregnation
  • cleaning and treatment of plastics
  • window and mirror polishing
  • frame cleaning

45 EUR

Exterior PREMIUM

  • car wash
  • plastic, rubber and tyre treatment
  • body polishing - machine waxing

60 EUR


  • dry cleaning of floor mats
  • cleaning and treatment of plastics
  • window and mirror polishing
  • frame cleaning

29 EUR


  • car wash
  • mirror and window polishing
  • tyre treatment

20 EUR

Interior ECONOMY

  • dry cleaning of floor mats
  • cleaning and treatment of plastics

15 EUR


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If you have any questions or queries, please call +420 602 718 745, +420 602 718 762 or email us at kaps@kaps.cz.

Pokud máte nějaký problém nebo dotaz, kontaktujte nás na telefonních číslech
+420 602 718 745, +420 602 718 762 nebo prostřednictví e-mailu kaps@kaps.cz.
KAPS Automatic s.r.o. Prerovska 561, 752 01 Kojetin, Czech Republic
+420 581 764 086
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