Important Instructions

Important instructions which can avoid mistakes when your mechanics repair automatic transmission.

Automatic transmission is very sensitive part of the car. There are the most complicated car systems inside (hydraulics, electronics, mechanics). There is a risk of breaking automatic transmission with not professional operating. There are some principles which you should follow.

1. Oil level checking in automatic transmission

If you check oil level in automatic transmission it is very important to avoid getting small objects or textiles in transmission. Hydraulic system is very sensitive and you have to use special textile to wipe off oil from measure. Using these special wipe off textiles can avoid block of oil filter.

If you measure oil level in automatic transmission don't forget that the transmission has to be warmed-up to have operation temperature. Also the engine has to run. Reason is that oil level sink 20 mm. The cold oil leads to oil level sink 15 mm. These two aspects can lead to fault 20 + 15 = 35 mm in measure which can be followed by damage of automatic transmission.

When you check oil level, check also quality of oil. If the oil smells like burned or if smells nice. Other important sign is color of the oil. It doesn't matter if oil is red, yellow or clear. Everytime it must be transparent. Brown color of oil shows a damage of clutch plates in transmission. Black color shows a damage of plates in hydrodynamic converter.

2. Oil change in automatic transmission

In most automatic transmissions is not possible to empty all oil. It is necessary to empty it as long as the oil color is the same as new oil.

Follow these instructions:

  • Check oil level and check transmission systems with testing drive.
  • Empty oil - use empty screw. Measure quantity of oil.
  • Disconnect automatic transmission oil cooler hoses and clean this cooler thoroughly with special cleaning stuff.
  • Connect back oil cooler hoses.
  • Fill the same quantity of oil back to automatic transmission.
  • Start the engine and let it run for 2 - 3 minutes in PARKING position.
  • Empty oil - check it and fill new oil.

Check the oil level, make testing drive and warm up transmission. Check oil level again and check spots where oil could leak.

3. Dismounting and mounting principles of new or used transmission

  • Unscrew converter from inertia and pull transmission and inertia out of car together.
  • Clean oil cooler with special cleaning stuff and blow out dirt with pressure air.
  • Fill hydrodynamic converter with 1 l of transmission oil.
  • Connect hydrodynamic converter and transmission.
  • Be very careful when you carry about hydrodynamic converter. Don't bump or knock with transmission. It can lead to future damage of transmission.
  • After mounting automatic transmission install oil filter to oil cooler.
  • After mounting automatic transmission fill it with 3 - 4 l of transmission oil and let run engine in PARKING position for 2 minutes.
  • When you fill oil, leave PARKING position. As soon as oil level starts to be optimal you can try other positions.
  • Before testing drive, check all pressures in transmission according to specifications of transmission manufacture.
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