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Price list

The price depends on the damage of the converter and cannot be determined without opening the converter. If you wish to know the price prior to the repair, inform us in advance - we will inform you of the price. Otherwise, we will repair it and based on the damage found, you will be charged (cash on delivery) according to the current price list and the converter will be sent back to your address.

Prices are in CZK. Exchange rate approx. 1EUR = 25,5CZK.

Category Description Price exl.VAT Price incl.VAT
Opening and a fault detection (without closing and welding) 500,- 605,-
Opening and fault detection (with closing and welding) 1 000,- 1 210,-
I No damage - revision 3 000,- 3 630,-
II Basic repair - sealing ring change 5 000,- 6 050,-
axial washer change, bearing, plates
or or on of the following:
A. welding of the perimeter, pressing of the lower and upper part
B. change/ repair of the hub
C. plates gluing / surfaces repair
D. hub replacement
EXTRA Excessive damage (replacing of the lower and upper part) 7 500,- 9 075,-
EXTRA+ Category EXTRA + another damage 9 000,- 10 890,-