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What do we do while oil changing

Professional service of your automatic transmission consists of:

  • test drive with our technician
  • oil exchange
  • oil filter or oil pan replacement (if the filter is accessible without removing AT)
  • diagnostics – reading the memory of the control unit

The transmission service interval is between 40000 – 60000 km depending on mileage.

All service can be performed while you wait approx. 2 - 3 hours. 

If you order online under this LINK, you will receive a discount of 5%. 

You can pay in cash or credit card via terminal.

Porsche Cayenne oil change demonstration


Prices may vary depending on the type of gearbox 6 000 - 12 000 CZK incl. VAT.



Exchange rate CZK - EUR approx. 1EUR = 25.5CZK 

For the exact price tailored to your car, please fill in the order form "ONLINE OIL CHANGE" and check the box "I want a quote".

Diagnostics to determine the overall automatic transmission condition is included in the oil change process. The price of the diagnostics is 817 CZK incl. VAT.

Why it is good to change oil in automatic transmission


Automatic transmission offer a lot of comfort for drivers and we should not forget its regular service. As wiht human health, underestimating the prevention can lead to fatal consequences. Not only for our car but also for our wallet. 

The "secret" of the life of an automatic transmission is in the regular oil change which should ideally occur every 40 to 60 000 kilometers. The important factor is also the age of the car and its total mileage. The more the car has, the more often the oil change should be made.  

Prevention pays off

If we underestimate the prevention of our automatic transmission and it shuts down, we can py up to 14 times more than for the oil change. Yes, the automatic transmission repairs are between 30 to 70 thousands CZK. To prevent this large investment, we should change oil regularly.