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Volvo I-Shift

A transmission with intelligence....

Say goodbye to missed gears, sticky clutches and lousy fuel mileage. With I-Shift, you’ll always be in the right gear at the right time.

Volvo I-Shift is a 12-speed, two-pedal, automated mechanical transmission that maximizes driver comfort, payload and fuel economy. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with all Volvo engines. There’s no clutch pedal, and the gearshift is operated by intelligent electronics.

Using microprocessor technology, I-Shift continuously monitors changes in grade, vehicle speed, acceleration, torque demand, weight and air resistance. With the engine and transmission in constant communication, there’s no compromising. I-Shift automatically selects the best gear for the engine, allowing every driver to shift like a fuel-efficiency expert. This puts less stress on the driveline, for longer life and less maintenance.


Available in five feature packages, I-Shift can be customized to fit specific driving needs. Out on the road, this transmission will deliver an unprecedented level of features and benefits to help drive success:

· I-Shift offers maximum flexibility through feature packages that can be tailored to fit everybody’s needs, from owner operators to large fleets.

· Features that make the I-Shift the most versatile AMT on the road are:

· Grade sensor

· Kick-Down Mode for instant power and maximum acceleration

· Performance Mode for maximum gradeability

· Brake Program Mode for maximum retardation

· I-Shift makes every driver shift like a pro, for improved fuel economy. An optional feature called Eco-Roll will also improve fuel economy in the top gear.

· The I-Shift is available for a wide variety of applications such as line haul, heavy haul, construction, distribution, and pickup and delivery.

· This is the third generation of Volvo AMTs. It’s based on proven technology that requires minimal service and virtually no maintenance. Introduced globally in 2002, I-Shift transmissions are in use all around the world.