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WEBSHOP - Piston kit 5L40E

Yes we sell spare parts! Piston Kits available for Automatic Transmission 5L40E.

For customers visitors to our website who are unaware, we do sell Automatic Transmission spare parts!

We have on stock original piston kits for automatic transmissions GM 5L40E. These piston kits suit 5 speed transmissions in BMW, Rover and Cadillac models. The quality is first class and are well priced.

GM 5L40E pistons kit (9 pistons)  4150 CZK

GM 5L40E pistons kit (3 pistons)  1580 CZK


For easy installation to the clutch drums we recommend using special spray from Seal-e-Zee. This is also sold through us.

Seal-e-Zee (2 cans) 1100 CZK